Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Embracing Life

Life has changed topsy turvy to what it had been two years ago. Never did I imagine even in my wildest dreams of what I'm today. Along with the decisions I made, packages of all sorts of responsibilities came along which are inevitable. Just as night follows a day, bad things, experiences didn't spare me too and followed in suit to all the happy happenings.

All I wonder is how did women manage their lives all  through in the ages past??? am talking about the ones who made their lives successful and not about the women who ruined theirs.

While am wondering about that, here I am struggling to juggle work and home topped with the guilt of not being able to give the time my little man needs and deserves of me, leave alone my better-half. I have heard from most elderly women that family life in its initial stages is the toughest of all. So time has taught me the same thing and is taking me through it. We too had our share of bad experiences mixed with problems including the ones where peers, relatives peek into our lives with the pretext of advising and what not??? Life was made a hell too, sometimes. But in all through that God was gracious to us, leading us through all of those problems.

Winding back two years, I was a happy bird all pampered and safe in the nest called a happy home and never knew what responsibilities and worries really meant. Suddenly, as a mother eagle lets go of her baby off her back, I was let out of my nest. Now it takes me a hard time to understand how my parents raised , provided for and educated me, leaving me with the challenge of raising my son. Soon I would be missing my sweet gift for sometime who would stay with my parents who would surely have the time of their life with him.

Whatever life has to present me I'm glad that I've known the reason of one's successful existence on the earth. I know that when  I pass through the waters and rivers, it would not overflow me nor will the fire scorch me. I know I'm in the center of God's plan and safe under his wings.

So I have the hope that my life will surely be a success with Jesus as the rock of my life and let me embrace it as it blossoms under our Heavenly Father's care.