Wednesday, May 16, 2012


"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love."
I never cared to understand the meaning of the quote till I experienced it. Yes! Being a full time mom is the most precious and wonderful moment a woman can ever have in her life as a mother. With this year's mother's day I just stand in awe of my mother who managed a home, raised two babies and made successful adults of us. She had dedicated all of her time to us. She nurtured, sacrificed and gave us everything she could to bring us up. She was a dutiful wife and a loving and caring mother without whom I can never imagine what I would be.

When I was a kid I was surrounded by the notion that a woman should come out and stand on her own feet and prove herself in this male dominated world. There were several outstanding women to whom the entire nation looked up to and I, a fascinated small kid wanted to be like them too, thanks to my parents who never stopped my dreams and aspirations. All I wonder is what would have become of us if my mom too had gone out to work and we were left with some care takers? I would have surely been deprived of the wonderful memories of my childhood. I would have never known the meaning of the word 'Family'.

Today as a mother myself I feel guilty of not giving the complete love to my little one. These present times have made most of the women work as soon as they are done with earning their degrees not sparing me too. I was very happy to be employed in one of the best MNC's and it makes me proud to be a working woman. But at the bottom of my heart I am actually missing out something serious. My baby....I miss him so much. What do I gain by toiling all day? I miss his laughter his small hands flailing to reach my face and his cute small face...I just feel so empty....But life needs to go on and parents need to secure the future of their kids which drives them to work. And that is the bitter something which neutralizes all negatives that I feel and Am glad that he is with my mother and father that with some other person who would baby sit only for the money. He would get the same love that I had enjoyed.

I got an entire week to spend with him when my mom was hospitalized for a lithotripsy. That one week was the most precious to me. I devoted every second of that week to my son and that was the most awesome and best moment which I would cherish forever. And how sweet that I was with him on my first mother's day this year. May 13th of this year was made complete with me spending it with my son and my own mom too is back home after the successful operation. Being a full time mom is indeed the highest paid job. Above all Thanks to God for he is the Jireh of our lives who said "As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; " in Isaiah 66:13.

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