Monday, June 18, 2012

Looking forward to Monday!!!!

Yay!!! So here I emerge elated over my achievement this weekend!!! I am so happy and content with it and had a peaceful sleep with a great feeling of looking forward to a Monday morning:):):)

So what was the achievement? Phew!!! It was such a herculean task that I wanted to finish! In my never ending struggle of juggling work and home, I save up most of the household chores for the weekend. And so this weekend was waiting for me to have the whole of my time dedicated to my home.

So the working woman transforms into a home maker already tired of writing plans over and over to organize work to be done on a Saturday. Did I mention that there were several of those plans and failed attempts on countless Saturdays. But this weekend was enough that made me to put a full stop to it. I had several boxes of things waiting to be opened for almost over a month. I had moved my things to my husband's home and so is this fuss over the organization of the things.Finally, I took the courage to open the boxes, one by one and sort out the things. Hours and hours passed and things slowly get to know their final destinations in the house and the work is partially done and I stop in between for lunch and rest.

 Ahhh!!! There is something more. The afternoon on this fateful day calls all the employees of my company to assemble for some events which are periodically conducted and which also mentions attendance is mandatory. What are those events this time? Singing, poetry etc etc...Whoa!!!my attendance is mandatory for that silly thing (am sorry dear office) when there is a huge pile of boxes eying me slyly each morning when I leave to office contantly reminding of the mess they were in. But thanks to my team lead who was so considerate to let me take a permission for my absence in the office.

Then slowly, all the boxes get opened and sorted one after the other and the whole house gets cleaned up and shines to its glory, thanks to my better half who gave me a lending hand throughout the process. The final result? A complete happiness joy and the feeling of being content, making the weekend complete with the effort put on some valuable result-yielding work and above all making me a partial housewife (at least this time I did my job).

So I start my new week feeling fresh in my spirit and soul and Thanks to God for giving me the strength to finish all the work. Truly cleanliness is next to godliness!!!

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