Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Whoa! What a start I had this week! But today am sleepwalking!!! Am not out of the nightmare I had last night. And am not out of the creepy blues it gave me and now I stare sleepy eyed at the monitor. Phew!!! I read paranormal stories when i feel bored. But why do they sneak in your brains and frighten when you are the least expecting them?

Last night, I dreamed of myself in a college kind of scenario with seniors ragging us in a friendly manner making us to answer their questions in some sort of sign language taught by them. Suddenly they change into people wearing black hooded long garments making us to do the same thing they had taught us earlier. This sent me into a dizzy as I was wondering what these things meant? Then they revealed that they were agents of satan making us too as them.

Oh My God!!!! Why am I plagued with such dreams? I saw myself telling those hooded guys that I was not the one for that kind of work. I protested that I am the child of Jesus and bought by His blood shed for me. I struggle a bit and TA DA am awake and in vague remembrance of the dream!!! So I simply lie down again and try to remember what the dream was about and the whole thing comes back again. I try to sleep but am immobile and frozen. So I guess that is what 'Powers of darkness' means. I then try to pray and take little courage to turn my head and look at my husband and he was there sleeping peacefully. I was asking God to remove the fear out of me. I close my eyes and then the black hooded guy is there in front of me.

I then think of one thing. Call my parents. I call my dad with the same feeling when you as a kid run into your mother's arms for safety and I mumble that I had a nightmare and am afraid. My dad hands over the phone to my mom and she advised me to say aloud all the verses from the Bible that it will surely drive the fear away from my heart and then prayed for me. I then take up my Bible and say aloud all the verses that God has promised for us His children. I realize that it is our responsibility to ask and claim them. I also realize that I have come too far away from God. I decided to revive that part of myself to devote to God what is God's and I then prayed and dozed off.

So the time when 'powers of darkness rules' passed on and my husband wakes me up. I really felt so tired and sleepy and sick resisting all temptations of '5 min more'. I then sleep walk, sleep cook and get ready and come to office feeling still sick and sleepy, longing for a peaceful sleep and rest. And so the next cycle starts all over again waiting for the weekend.

"Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel..." Numbers 23: 23

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