Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear Mother....

Dear Mother,

If only we could see you, talk to you..hear you....

After God, it is a mother who is everything to her child. Mother, it must have broken your heart to know that you are going to be away from your children forever! It must have left a scar which never fades in the lives of those who love you. It must have been a great sorrow for all whom you influenced with your love and affection.

Mother dear, times have gone by and father has left us to join you. We have joined your children and you both must be looking down on us now. The void that was created is always felt. We miss you dear mother. Your earthly remains may be buried and may be ignored and forgotten by others but, how can we ever forget you when you are always with us. You live in our thoughts and hearts. Your presence is felt in the blood and flesh of your children and still your grand children. We are glad that atleast we have that part of you in us though we miss everything else. The relationship we might have had with your siblings. We might have known about you more from them.

We miss you and we love you as we remember the day you were born (October 23).

Resembles your son???

Resembles your son?

Arun Paul, Anand Pradeep, Usha Anand & Shoba Arun.

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